“Ezemmuo unadulterated” “DG of Everything” | TwitterNG says goodbye to Dr Joe Abah

The most beloved of all Director Generals in Nigeria and the epitome of a public servant, Dr Joe Abah, has stepped down as the DG of BPSR (Bureau of Public Service Reforms) and Twitter NG is sad to see him go.

Like his ancestors before him, Dr Joe Abah is a gifted story teller. He used this talent to great effect in engaging folks- cantankerous and  even tempered, overlords and  subjects, altogether on Twitter. Dr Joe Abah wasn’t merely talk, as we know most of our politicians and civil servants to be. He achieved a considerable number of reforms such that at the mention of his name, institutions shivered.

My term as DG BPSR is over. “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” To God be the glory!

— Dr. Joe Abah (@DrJoeAbah) 

Having been capped “Waziri Reform” by @bpsr_ng staff, I am handing over to the most senior Director, Mr D.I. Arabi, pending a new DG BPSR.

— Dr. Joe Abah (@DrJoeAbah) 

TwitterNG was so in awe of the Public servant par excellence, they caused him to trend on Twitter. See below:

Too soon

So it’s true? @DrJoeAbah is actually leaving? I actually ignored this all this whole becos I was so sure our “DG of everything” will never

— Dr Yemi Kale (@sgyemikale) 

Be allowed to leave. Though he mentioned it many many times to me even just yesterday I dismissed it expecting to hear some announcement

— Dr Yemi Kale (@sgyemikale) 

We’ll miss official support of the outgoing DG of @bpsr_ng@DrJoeAbah, as he rounds up his impactful tenure in office. All the best sir.

— NIMC (@nimc_ng) 

To @DrJoeAbah: One good turn…. deserves a break. Enjoy it. U earned it. Thank u for showing what’s possible…

— Chidi Odinkalu (@ChidiOdinkalu) 

Lives touched. Lessons dispensed

This’s a man who took a pay cut to serve his country with such passion & dedication that he inspired many more to want to serve #ThanksDrJoe pic.twitter.com/yA7vyOubbn

— Yinka Ogunnubi (@yinkanubi) 

@DrJoeAbah as head of customer service in a bank, I learnt more how to serve people from interacting with you. #ThanksDrJoe

— Aijay/cyberagbero™ (@cyberagbero) 

Dear @DrJoeAbah I may have tweeted you in a harsh tone while conveying my message but learnt character along the line #ThanksDrJoe

— Chinasa Ikelu (@icinas) 

#ThanksDrJoe for granting me that great opportunity of being the 1st uniform personal to ever act as the DG BPSR for a min. pic.twitter.com/O9ewvVg1p1

— Aliyu Giwa (@aleeygiwa) 

@DrJoeAbah you made it clear that one can be a leader and still relate with the people. Your top-down approach to leadership is superb

— World Solution (@adukegeorge) 

Well, you’ve taught a vast of us how to treat anything committed to our hands, you have taught us diligence, you’ve taught us how to live

— Taiwo Obasan (@afroconomist) 

You showed us how beautiful how society can be, you showed us how we can make things work, you showed us how to be ourselves even in offices

— Taiwo Obasan (@afroconomist) 

You set the pace. As a citizen, you engaged with passion. Even in disagreements, you were graceful. I can only wish you stay on but i know/

— OLUWAFERANMI (@Kingsglaive90) 

Dear @DrJoeAbah ,

Simply put, you’re everything I want in a mentor.

If I successfully become Dr. Ade of Nigeria, it’s you!#ThanksDrJoe

— Ade Of Nigeria (@Hammdriller) 

These mighty big shoes

You leave colossal shoes to fill @DrJoeAbah – you can be so proud of all that you have achieved.🙌https://twitter.com/drjoeabah/status/901098364284096512 …

— Matthew T. Page (@MatthewTPage) 

The new DG will need to pray very well before taking that seat, and will also need to scrutinize the first file very well before signing!!😁😉

— Adesoji (@adesoji45) 

I understand that you must leave your position as DG, BPSR @DrJoeAbah but pls don’t leave as DG of Everything. Continue your great job sir

— Taiwo Obasan (@afroconomist) 

I will love that you educate and constantly mentor your successor in achieving greater feats because your legacy must continue as a culture

— Taiwo Obasan (@afroconomist) 

Finding it hard to bid @DrJoeAbah farewell because it’s tough coming to terms with but we need our great institutions to outlast great men🏢👤

— Bello Akinkunmi (@akinkunmy) 

The praise singing begins

He is different thgs to different people. To some, he is just a lawyer, a public servant, a reformist. To others, he’s Ezemmuo. #ThanksDrJoe

— Yinka Ogunnubi (@yinkanubi) 

Call him Evil Spirit and you won’t be far off or DJ MC Joe and he will respond with a cool old and new school rap. #ThanksDrJoe😎😎

— Yinka Ogunnubi (@yinkanubi) 

Call him the king of baby boys and you will get a high five. Dr Joe is such an enigma that you can’t but engage him. #ThanksDrJoe

— Yinka Ogunnubi (@yinkanubi) 

Congratulations @DrJoeAbah u did it against all odds. Keep making us proud.Amenu celebrates u!Ebonyi celebrates you too.Ezemuo unadulterated

— Okenwa James Nwaze (@JamesNwaze) 

The heart of a man like @DrJoeAbah … rare to find. The wit, the will, the wisdom… Ezemmuo himself! Ebeano stand up!!!!!

— Jude Jagger (@JudeJagger) 

One and only Dr Aristo,Evil spirit General,Father of the homies,Life patron of Sub republic.Congrats Sir may almighty be with you

— Beejay14 (@AkintayoBanji) 

Nwokorobia Agu, the gentle lion that kills two at a time; the polynymous full-options Ezemmuo, I wish you showers and sunshine. Regards pic.twitter.com/344qvw7SEq

— Yemi Adesanya (@toyosilagos) 

@DrJoeAbah. Ezenmuo. Ogene Ebeano. Chief Evil Spirit. Dr. Aristo. DG of Everything. Coolest Uncu on Twitter. God bless you Sir. THANK YOU.

— Sam Hart (@hartng) 


@DrJoeAbah Congrats Bro Joe.Proud of you.No more taking pay cuts and late salaries. Mama can finally relax that no “Juju” will harm you😂

— Tony Abah (@TonyAbah01) 

To Mrs. Abah, we say thank you for putting up with his 12 hours job @bpsr_ng and 24 hours work @Twitter. Enjoy the vacation. GODSPEED .

— B.A Adekoya(Jnr) (@tunadekoy) 


Best wishes to @DrJoeAbah. Wishing you best in your next plans. We believe there will another intersection with our work soon.

— BudgIT Nigeria (@BudgITng) 

“See a man diligent in his work, he will stand before Kings and not obscure men”. Dr Joe fulfilled this scripture. #ThanksDrJoe

— Adebayo Bankole Akintunde (@AdeBanqie) 

@DrJoeAbah Appreciation tweet. Thank you our excellency sir. Here’s wishing better days ahead. Thank you for all you’ve done! #ThanksDrJoe

— Mosopefoluwa Odeseye (@Mosopemi) 

@DrJoeAbah your ability to blend you lr work with the happenings in the social-political world shows your indept knowledge of gd governnance

— Abiola Farounbi (@forabiola) 

@DrJoeAbah Your love 4 Nigeria shows in everything u do. Thank u 4 planting trees u know u might never sit under its shade. #ThankYouDrJoe

— Her Royal Glamesty (@GlambabeVDA) 

You are destined for better and greater things. Thank you for touching the lives of young people who hitherto saw nothing good in Nigeria.

— OLUWAFERANMI (@Kingsglaive90) 

@DrJoeAbah Thank you sir. You made me proud of our Civil Service. You showed the beautiful side of us.

— Adara-Ali S. A (@kolawoleadara) 

@DrJoeAbah Each day I pray 2 God 2 give m privilege to work closely under someone lik u.Ur leadership and communication skill is out of here

— PRINCE OLUMIDE DADA (@prince_oludada) 

We don’t agree often, but I admire your zeal, sir. Best wishes in your future endeavour.

— Editi Effiòng (@EditiEffiong) 

Baba @DrJoeAbah didn’t waste time in changing his bio. That for me is CLASS! #ThanksDrJoe

— Seun (The godfather) (@SeunOgungbure) 

@DrJoeAbah you served your country with integrity, discipline, honesty and diligence. Your actions spoke volumes within and without. Thank u

— Jonani (@aj_okuk) 

I pray the results of your work endure.

We often carry on in our little corners without minding how we could be influencing others.

— Yemi Adesanya (@toyosilagos) 

Dear @DrJoeAbah, for taking a 70% pay cut to return to, and serve Nigeria, THANK YOU. #ThanksDrJoe

— Dr. Dipo Awojide (@OgbeniDipo) 

A thread of a million tweets can not do justice enough to appreciate the breath of fresh air @DrJoeAbah brought to fore. #ThanksDrJoe

— SEGA L’éveilleur® (@segalink) 

I celebrate you @DrJoeAbah . I pray you go from @bpsr_ng to greater things in life. Thanks for your inspiring public service/leadership.

— Chidi H. Lemchi (@HLemchi) 

In a country rife with inter-ethnic suspicions, he mostly dressed Hausa, tweeted in fluent Yoruba yet his Igbo shone through #ThanksDrJoe

— Sam Hart (@hartng) 

Thank you @DrJoeAbah, DG of Everything for, well, Everything that you did as DG of Everything. This is not goodbye. Have a nice vacation.😊😊

— Sam Hart (@hartng) 

It will be selfish of me to ask you to remain as DG of BPSR @DrJoeAbah I wish you well in future endeavors. It’s a brighter life ahead😇😇

— That_Godly_Woman (@GodlyWoman_FL) 

#ThankyouDrJoe for being a teacher friend reformist marriage counsellor etc, you’ve been exemplary keeping calm even when chaotic @DrJoeAbah

— kennygee babe (@kennygee_70) 

This is wat @DrJoeAbah literally did for us all.I won’t say U’ll be missed cos I know u’ll always be der to serve. #ThanksDrJoe#MyHero2017.

— Sefiyat Sophie Musa (@CallmeGoldeneye) 

And that’s the way to live a life.

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After reading the twits above, I can just say like the southeast people, you are “Odi Uko na mba” one in a million. Your light will never go down Dr Joe.