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“Ezemmuo unadulterated” “DG of Everything” | TwitterNG says goodbye to Dr Joe Abah

The most beloved of all Director Generals in Nigeria and the epitome of a public servant, Dr Joe Abah, has stepped down as the DG of BPSR (Bureau of Public Service Reforms) and Twitter NG is sad to see him go. Like his ancestors before him, Dr Joe Abah is a gifted story teller. He used this talent to great effect in engaging folks- cantankerous and  even tempered, overlords and  subjects, altogether on Twitter. Dr Joe Abah wasn’t merely talk, as we know most of our politicians and civil servants to be. He achieved a considerable number of reforms such that at
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People Translated ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ Into Pidgin And It’s Hilarious

Pidgin is too dope Some people think speaking pidgin English is local, but if you’ve ever heard a Warri man speak pidgin you’ll think twice. Why do you think they say ‘Warri no dey carry last?’ Image: Twitter Dr Joe Abah asked Nigerians to translate ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ into Pidgin and stand the chance of winning a prize  Can you say “The Lord’s Prayer” fully in pidgin English? You stand the chance to win this book. — Dr. Joe Abah (@DrJoeAbah) 9:23 PM – Jun 21, 2017 Now for those who don’t know The Lord’s Prayer, or have forgotten it, here
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